Mariel M.

Connie and Michaela put together a truly magical weekend. The Growing Heart Farm was cozy, the perfect space for group sessions, yoga practice and was complete with a fire pit for evening s’mores. I pressed the reset button from my busy city life by finding my breath, reconnecting with my body and having valuable conversations with people sans cell phone in hand. The home-cooked, healthy food by Mercedes was delicious and comforting. For anyone that is yearning to press the reset button and get back to basics, I urge you to sign up for a retreat with Emaya. You will leave feeling re-energized, hopeful and full of love.   

Amanda B.

Emaya’s A Call to Change workshop was exactly what I needed. My body felt looser and more open after the yoga. The meditation really centered me and helped me connect with my inner peace. The change exercises were terrific and revealed to me exactly what it is that I will benefit most from changing. Michaela served as a thoughtful guide and moderator for the change exercises. Connie led us in yoga and meditation with her wonderful blend of grace, humor and gentleness. The restorative yoga was the perfect end to the day. Connie and Michaela made each of us feel safe and cared for throughout the workshop. I would definitely participate again in another workshop with Emaya.

Jennifer L.

I participated in the Back to Her Program, as well as an all-day retreat with Michaela and Connie, the founders of Emaya, who work together as a great symbiotic team. These women did a phenomenal job curating these programs and it was very beneficial and enlightening. They reach you where you are at, with very doable and simple exercises to help you tap into the place you need to grow. Short meditations, yoga practice, and journaling which helps you learn about yourself, the areas you want to improve, and be able to actually start to work on them. They approach this in a way that is real, accessible, and fits into the reality of busy lifestyles. I can't recommend them enough - they are committed, passionate and truly care about this important work on self. Everyone can benefit from this type of self-care and introspection, no matter who you are. 

Michelle C.

The energy both Connie and Michaela exude is one of understanding, patience, and open mindedness.  I believe anyone can learn and gain a positive insight through Emaya. They are beautiful and emotionally in touch people that can guide you towards a better path; whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. 
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Luci G.

It became clear only minutes after the workshop started that Connie and Michaela had poured so much heart, soul, and time into the planning of the day- each exercise flowed beautifully and intentionally into the next. During the workshop, they paired flow and restorative yoga with self-discovery exercises in such a way that I came out feeling empowered but also relaxed and happy. I can't wait to take part in my next Emaya event and I'm so thankful for the wisdom that came out of this day for me! 


Susan T.

I attended a Call for Change Emaya retreat in Denver CO, spring of 2017. My heart was open that day as I knew I needed change in my life. I knew I needed to be somewhere else in my life but didn’t know the steps to get there. It was a small group of ladies that were all in that room for a reason, we all had a purpose and felt we were lead there to lean on each other. It was the perfect blend of wellness/life coaching, empowerment, support, and yoga. I left feeling enlightened, refreshed, and knowledgeable in the steps I needed to put happiness back in my life. Thank you to Michaela and Connie for being filled with so much compassion, experience and peace…I’m anxiously awaiting the dates for the next retreat!!