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Yes, I want to support Emaya!  How can I promote?

Awesome!!! We’d love for you to share your Back to HER experience with the special women in your life! And as a thank you, for every friend/family member you enroll you will receive a $25 Emaya credit! Sweet!!!



Our 40 Day Back To HER Program begins on June 3rd, 2019

Click the link below to learn more about this program and to register:


(Feel free to use this image w/ your sharing)

(Feel free to use this image w/ your sharing)

Dates to Promote our Back to HER Program: 

NOW through June 3d!

Sample Social Media Posts to Use

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I just signed up for Emaya’s 40 Day program, Back to HER! I am super excited to take this program, get out of overwhelm and reconnect to my power, peace and purpose. I love the transformation that Emaya inspires and would love for you to join me and sign up here:

#backtoher #chooseyou #emayacircle


I am so excited for Emaya’s 40 Day program Back to HER! I have taken Emaya’s programs before and know this is going to be a game changer for me and catapult me to the next brighter and bolder version of ME.

#backtoher #chooseyou #emayacircle


The Back to HER program is for the woman that feels the flicker of a flame inside and wants to ignite it. This is for the woman that seeks to claim her inner power. If you stick with the 40 days and these girls, you will find a sense of renewed purpose. All roads will lead back to YOU. Sign up here:

#backtoher #chooseyou #emayacircle


Of course you can use your own copy and voice, these are just examples to inspire you! Especially if you have already taken the program, here is where you could use your voice and experience best by sharing from your heart! Please again note the dates of when to promote!


We love it when we can support each other and we can’t thank you enough for YOUR continued support.

Any questions email us at!


Thank You!!!!


Connie and Michaela