The HER Mistressmind


Extraordinary Women On The HER Path To Peace, Presence And Purpose

This 40 day journey is for a small group of passionate women that have taken our Back To HER program and are on the HER path.


This Program Is For The Woman That...

  • Has completed Emaya’s Back To HER Program

  • Is committed to continuing on the path to pursuing and living from her most powerful, alive, inspired, creative and bold HER

  • Is ready to take all of the discoveries from the Back To HER Program out into the world in a bold way

  • Understands that living our best lives and selves requires consistency, commitment, integrity, authenticity and a circle of women guiding, supporting and encouraging us forward

  • Is ready take the next deeper step in their personal transformation journey



"To create the lives we desire, we must keep practicing, keep returning, keep committing, keep showing up every day."


This HER Mistressmind serves as the next phase in your Back To HER journey where you will:

  • Take the powerful discoveries from the Back To HER program (your values, essence, desires, goals, ahas etc) and bring them into the world in a bigger, bolder, brighter way

  • Continue with your daily practice and find a deeper connection and expression in your yoga and meditation

  • Connect to your HER in your new 40 day daily practice and complete the program with a personalized yoga flow that is a powerful expression of your HER

  • Take the goals you set for your top desire in Back To HER and work with an accountability partner to stay focused, committed and intentional with those goals so that you start CREATING the life you love one desire at a time

  • Continue to peel back the layers and move deeper into your personal transformation with the exploration of powerful paradigms including 'Parts Work'

  • Receive a private 30 minute coaching session with Michaela to unlock/release remaining blocks and old beliefs

  • Work privately with Connie to create a personalized yoga flow that is a powerful expression of your HER to use for your next 40 day practice once the HER Mistressmind completes




The HER Mistressmind: What's Included

  • 40 days of guided yoga (new yoga flows included)

  • 40 days of deepening your meditation practice

  • Weekly Tuesday Transformation Lessons (where each week Connie or Michaela will dive into deepening your daily practice and our transformational work sessions)

  • Weekly Group Coaching calls with Connie & Michaela for accountability, connection, sharing and moving deeper in this work

  • Weekly Check In Video

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 30 minute coaching session w/ Michaela

  • 30 min coaching session w/ Connie to create a personalized morning sadhana that includes a yoga flow and meditation consultation and creative rituals that are aligned with your HER and intention for your future 40 day practice

  • An accountability buddy to help deepen your reflection, commitment and accountability 

  • Support and mentorship from Connie and Michaela

  • An inspiring & supportive circle of likeminded women to last a lifetime

  • FREE lifetime invitation to join any future Back To HER Program


"I've always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success."
-Gloria Vanderbilt

It is powerful what happens when women circle together!  After 40 days together, we have each felt this to be true and we don't want to stop now!  This is why we have decided to offer this program directly following the Back To HER program so that you can use the deep discovery, connections, inspiration, aha’s and goals you created as momentum to guide you powerfully into the next phase of your HER journey.



The HER Mistressmind Begins
March 25, 2019



The Investment

The HER Mistressmind: 1 Payment of $375

This payment will enroll you in the HER Mistressmind with Emaya. We are so excited to continue our journey together with you!

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The HER Mistressmind: 2 Payments $204

This payment will enroll you in the HER Mistressmind with Emaya. We are so excited to continue our journey together with you!  You will be charged $204 now and then the remaining $204 April 15, 2019.  

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We hope to share in another powerful and inspiring 40 days together!  Let's do this!