Michaela's Book Club


I LOVE to read!  I especially love to read self-help/self-growth books as it not only makes me a better coach but a better ME!

A question that I get a lot is “What are you reading now?” or “What self-help books have changed your life?” or “What books do you recommend to help me in my life?”

Well, here you go!  

Below are the 15 self-help books (in no particular order) that have radically shifted how I view myself, my life, and the world.  Over the years, these books have become my trusted advisors and companions through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns.  

I return back to these books again and again for re-connection and remembering of who I really am and what is possible.  I hope that you discover the love, support and inspiration from them that I did.

Happy Reading, Dear One!



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