"What Does Emaya Mean?"

“I stumbled over your blog and I enjoyed reading it. I then wondered what does Emaya mean? How did you come to chose this name in particular?” 

These lovely words came to us in an email a few weeks ago and made us smile with delight! Thank you to this person for reaching out to us! It really meant the world for so many reasons!

First, yay!!! This person enjoys our writing!!!!! We give our blog posts a lot of TLC so to hear when it lands with a reader feels so thrilling!

Second, this person actually took the time to connect with us! YES!!!! This is what Emaya is all about!

And third, what a great question!  It got us reflecting on why we chose this name, how Emaya came to be and what we are all about...perfect timing as we celebrate our third year around the Emaya sun!

We have been friends for a very long time, since college!  After college, Michaela moved to NYC in August of 2003 and Connie arrived shortly after in October. We were the first of the friends in our theatre circle to take on the big bad city in pursuit of our artistic dreams. This was the first hint that our friendship would become very serendipitous and our lives quite in sync!

We always talked about someday moving in together but both had wonderful roommates over the years.  Then it happened: BED BUGS!!!! We both had the horrendous experience with the bugs at the same exact time! 

Trust us, any bed bug experience will make you paranoid for years to come!  A tiny glance at a fuzz ball on your shirt will make you jump in fear that it’s a bed bug trying to make its way into your home! 

And so it happened. We both moved out of our bedbug infested apartments in Brooklyn and were looking for roommates and an apartment at the same moment- divine timing!

Our N. Henry Apartment ❤️

Our N. Henry Apartment ❤️

We decided with apartment shopping we should draw out and manifest our ideal apartment.  The long story short is: we found exactly what we were looking for: budget, location and LAYOUT (it was exactly to our visual drawing, people)!!!  There was the occasional mutual feeling that it was haunted but besides that it was perfect!

Cut to us each getting our yoga teacher training certifications within the same year, each of us marrying a man from Europe and the most magical: being pregnant at the same time TWICE.  Emilie and Maia are 3 weeks apart and Hudson and Jack are 2 months apart. Our lives have always moved in parallels in a magical way!

I’m sure there are many more that we aren’t thinking of, some we will keep to ourselves ha!!!, but this is the highlight reel!  

Then, it happened.  After the births of our boys we hit a terrifying place that left us both feeling depressed, anxious, disconnected and so very lost.  Being a mom was both of our biggest dreams that we shared, so how was it that we were both feeling this way!?

Lots of you know that that was the moment that Emaya was born.  

We decided to honor our serendipitous path by honoring our daughters and our best manifestation that was parallel: our pregnancies.  So we combined Emilie and Maia’s names: Emaya. It was a very easy yes!

We began as Emaya Retreats thinking that retreats would be the way we would collaborate. In a short time we realized there was a bigger calling for us.  We felt so drawn to lift women up and so our Back to HER™ program and HER Mistressmind programs were born and Emaya was reborn!  

So thank you, lovely person, who sent us a thoughtful email. You probably had no idea how much your words made our day!!

We have been working so hard, and every moment led to this one right here! We can’t wait to see what this one leads to!   


It’s been so thrilling to reflect on how far we’ve come and to see that our work, words and friendship is inspiring other women makes us feel alive!


Connie and Michaela

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