What Do I Need?

This Sunday reflection we are #OTG aka Off The Grid at our Fall Equinox Retreat but thanks to technology we are still able to send you our love and gratitude as we nestle in nature with a circle of incredible women.

We SO needed this time to circle with like-minded women, reconnect to our HER, to our dreams, to our nature, to the magic that happens when women gather together.

We needed this time away from our phones, our devices, our day-to-day lives no matter how precious they might be.

We needed this time for OURSELVES.

We needed this quiet.

We needed this space.

We needed these women.

And so our invitation to you this week is to ask yourself…

What do YOU need?

How can YOU disconnect to reconnect to YOU?

And we encourage you to then…..GO DO IT!




Michaela and Connie and the Emaya ladies on retreat!

Connie VigliettiComment