When One Door Closes, Another One Opens...

When one door closes, another one opens.

I KNOW to trust in a moment like this.  

I teach women alongside my partner, Michaela, all the time to trust and surrender while taking bold actions.  

This is a bold one, folks. And part of me is fully ready for this bold move because I know it’s right for my family but another part of me isn't quite ready. 

And here it is: this will be my last month teaching yoga on the weekends. I teach an early morning flow class and then go right into teaching prenatal at Yoga Vida in Tribeca.  These classes have filled my spirit and connected me to the teacher that I have always known was inside me. They gave me a chance to share my heart and use my voice.  

I want to take this moment to express my gratitude. 

As my class schedule slimmed down so that I could be present with my children, this flow class became very special to me...it was the only flow class on my schedule.  Emaya has been kickin’ it since I started at Yoga Vida and the students have always welcomed my musings around empowering women and gave me space to teach what was way more than yoga (or I suppose, this is yoga, it's all yoga isn't it?). As Emaya grew, my thoughts and passion for what we do at Emaya grew and I couldn’t contain it.  I want to thank all the dudes for still coming and not leaving :), all the regulars who make me feel at home, all the mamas that come to see me after their babies are born and all the rest.  We’ve created a really warm and fun space together over the past 3 years. It’s been a joy to get up with the sun to be with you all!  

I’d like to thank all the women that have come to my prenatal class.  This is very difficult for me to put into words; the way I feel about this class and what it has meant for me.  It has truly been an honor to witness this special time in your life. 


As a birth doula, it is important for me to be able to share my experience of what is possible for women in birth. When I look back at the way I taught my first prenatal class over 7 years ago and I look at the teacher I have become, I have to credit my students at Yoga Vida for my transformation.  When a twinkle blossomed in their eyes as I weaved together yoga and birth during class, I knew I was onto something bigger than me. I felt like I could give these women tangible tools to empower their birthing process and motherhood. I try to use humor and bring forth my own loving spirit with these mamas because connection is what we seek. Being able to connect, listen and witness the fear, the aches and pains, the heartbreak, the victories and more... these are the biggest gifts I walk away with. To watch you begin already as awesome women and mothers, to see you embody it all when you bring your babies to see me is a thrill.  

Thank you for showing up.  I know what you are getting out of coming because I was on the other side of the mat once too. Thank you for opening your hearts to me and allowing me to be a small part of your story at this moment in your life.  This precious, fleeting, full, exciting, terrifying moment, all wrapped into trimesters and transitions and motherhood.   

You will always hold the most special place in my heart.  It has been thrilling for me to guide you and inspire you on your journey. 

And listen.  I am not done teaching!  Weekends will be spent with my family with an occasional Emaya workshop and Emaya retreat here and there!  This isn’t the end. It’s a pivot to moving towards nurturing and caring for my number one core value: Family.  

AND empowering women is still a top value of mine as well and this shift will open up other ways for me to guide even more women through our offerings at Emaya. For that I am so excited!

Speaking of which… :)

Our Back to HER begins Oct 7th! Snag the early bird rate which ends TOMORROW!  

Cheers to us all listening to our HER and honoring the ebbs and flows of life! It’s not easy but I’ll tell you what was easy after all the work I’ve done on myself: LISTENING TO MY HER! 



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