What Does Yoga Mean to You?


As yoga teachers, we know the powerful practice that is yoga and the countless benefits the practice provides. 

Our students always keep us learning!

After speaking to some of our students recently, we began to hear the many unique and personal meanings that yoga has so started asking our students the question. Here are some of their gorgeous responses:

What does yoga mean to YOU?

Inner Peace- Erika (Pictured above), age 29

Center - Kaitlyn, age 27

Mindfulness- Jen, age 38

Exercise- Emilie, age 6

Stretching- Jack, age 4

Connection - Stephanie, age 45

Growth & grounding- Michaela, age 39

Disappearing into nature- April, age 6

Peace  -  Erin, age 26

You do a headstand- Hudson, age 4

Stretching, health and suppleness- Jim, age 76

ME TIME- Susan, age 40

Yoga is practice - Sam, age 6

Painless and Soothing- Rose, age 84

Yoga is life- Rosalyn, age 35

Escape and therapeutic- Anne, age 52

Tranquil- Bernadette, age 59

Awakening and enlightening- Connie, age 38

Calm and Relaxing- Maria, age 25

Peaceful, stretching, lengthening, mindful and wonderful- Christina, age 49

Healing- Mariel, age 37

Strength- Morgan, age 28

Centering - Emily, age 40

Clear your mind and relax- Salome, age 14

Yoga helps you relieve stress and is a sport you can do anywhere any time- Ava, age 14

Yoga makes you more flexible and peaceful- Mikael, age 38

It is a great way to relax at the same time as working on your core, balance and flexibility- Rachel, age 37

Peace of mind and being in tune with your body- Scott, age 51

Yoga has done so much for me- it saved my life. It puts me in contact with my universal conscious and I am more aware of the power within my brain and spirit- Joe, age 65

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Connie and Michaela