Retreat Inspirations

Hello Sisters, 

2 weeks ago I returned from a 5 day women’s gathering in Oregon.  Hence, why I’m feeling called to call you sisters. :)

I feel so rejuvenated and so inspired.  Spending time alone with myself and connecting with my HER in nature was thrilling!  I took the chance to witness myself move thru the 5 days solo amongst 700 women and learned so much about myself and remembered a whole lot more.  

I am writing to you to share some takeaways as a way to process and share my joy and discoveries with you.


Women are freaking amazing.  AMAZING. When we come together, make new friends, connect with the old and join forces...boom! Magic happens! I was reminded of this every moment while on retreat! When women circle up we experience deep, heart-opening breakthroughs.  That alone was a great remembering.  

When pushed or inspired women will throw down, organize and rally. When given a safe space to explore and reconnect with the parts of ourselves that hold us back, we relearn how to lift each other up.  We are experts at community. We find ourselves in one another. We can be the giver and also the receiver and experience the transformation that happens when we hold up the mirror for one other. 


When we get back to basics and connect with nature again, so much healing happens.  When we take time to witness Mother Earth, we wake up to the responsibility of taking better care of Her and through that awakening...take better care of ourselves! We see how much power the elements contain; the river, the wind, the sky, the sun and moon and stars, and then guess what? We find that potent power within ourselves.  


FOOD HEALS.  I was reminded of the joy that comes in food blessings and eating simple, nourishing, delicious food.  I was satisfied in general and the food was no exception. The portions weren’t huge, they were just right.  I left feeling healthy, satisfied, energized. I am connected to my body in ways that have inspired the way I am eating now that I am back home.


We never stop learning as long as we live.  

While on retreat, we had the opportunity to sign up for classes that were 2-3 hours each up to 2 a day.  There were also circles to sit in during meal time with wonderful discussion that elevated our spirits and love for humanity and women.  I participated in classes and talks that helped me to connect to myself in ways I was desperately seeking. Getting out of my daily grind and circles to witness the power, intelligence, creativity and heart that other women were brave enough to share was a great reminder that learning takes a lifetime.  We have to be willing to be a beginner time and time again and soak in what elevates our living.  

There were also moments that I was reminded that there are teachers for everyone.  We have to follow our instincts on the teachers we choose. Not everyone that bares their soul and teachings will resonate with us.  And that is ok! Listening to our HER is always the best bet! 

Bodywork & Breath Work

We have no idea how much we hold in our bodies.  Stress is killer, friends. Sometimes we hold energies that don’t even belong to us.  That was a big learning for me. I experienced a body work session from an angelic healer that lifted a weight off of my shoulders that was so heavy.  And guess what!? It wasn’t mine to carry. I also let a lot of tension go during a breath work session to top off the entire getaway.  

I came back and my skin is clearer than it has been in years.  To say I experienced a cleanse is an understatement. I also believe the entire experience at large had to do with the release I encountered.  But bodywork and breath work set the action in motion. It was the follow through I needed in my healing in that particular moment.  

Now, it’s about maintaining with my daily sadhana, or morning practice of yoga, breathing and meditation until I need the help of more body and breath work with a teacher to help facilitate movement and change again. 


We have all we need within.  It’s funny the entire 5 days much of the discussion, activities and experiences felt familiar to me.  This was nothing new to me and yet some of the moments were completely new to me. We have all we need within us if we are only willing to pay attention and follow the north star of our HER.  

I feel forever changed and vow to work hard always to follow the instincts my HER whispers to me.   

Those are my takeaways.  They shifted me, moved me, renewed me and my HER connection.

The biggest takeaway of them all however was in how important, no:  imperative really, it is to make time for me, my HER and nurture my heart. It can be a challenge to leave our busy lives and maybe a little bit scary, but sisters, I promise...what is on the other side of that is transformation, healing, peace, presence and connection that will fill your cup up magnificently.

We hope you will do just that and join us this September 20-22 in Hurley, NY...we await you with open arms and hearts where there will be incredible women and connection, nature, wonderful food, lots of learning and time with your HER.  

Hurry! Our Early Bird rate ends July 8th!!!!