Cheers to the women that inspire us, to the women who believe in us, to the friendships that lift us up when we need reminding of our power, strength, and potential.

Cheers to the women that rally around us when life gets hard and messy and scary.  To the women that know we need help before we even ask for it.

Cheers to our sisters, biological and chosen, who lovingly push us past our comfort zones because they believe in us fiercely and know we are worthy of more.

Cheers to the women who rise by lifting others and fight to protect the wins for other women knowing when one of us wins, we ALL win.

Cheers to the women who are brave enough to show their authentic, vulnerable hearts and that courageously share the messy parts of life.  In this radical act, they let us know none of us is perfect and ALL of us are practicing the art of doing our best.

Circle of women, Emaya Circle...each and every one of you inspire us, encourage us and motivate us to keep living our truth, expressing our HER and to stay fierce and committed in the work we are called to do in the world.

Many moons ago, women would routinely circle together to revel in the magic, power, and comfort of one another. To talk together, dream together, bleed together, heal together.

Women, we were never meant to be doing this life alone.

We are so much more powerful together.

It’s time to bring that back and move some f*%@ing mountains.

Who are your chosen sisters? How can you circle together with them this week?

Want to circle powerfully together with us and a circle of like-minded women? Join us for a 40 day deep dive back to your authentic, brave, badass HER in our upcoming Back To HER program. Day 1  starts October 7th!  

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