Thank you, United States Women's National Soccer Team!

The United States Women’s National soccer team has me feeling all the feels.  Their FIFA World Cup victory is still getting me pumped up!!!!!


I feel hope. 

I feel hope for my kids that they will live to see a day where differences are valued.  I feel hope that we will close the gap between gender, race, sexual orientation, class, poverty.  

I know I am a dreamer and I know we have a long way to go as a human race.  But I have been so down about the things I hear on the news. Every day there is hate,  loss, and tragedy in our country and our world. I feel hopeless as I sit in my privilege working hard to take care of my babies and my family and our Emaya family.  

And then... they won. They won!!!!

And for a moment I feel a wave of peace and hope.  I feel pride with the hard work we are doing at Emaya because Michaela and I picked one thing that we truly believe in and we decided to go for it. 

And that is WOMEN.  

Lifting women up and connecting us all to our power and the way we desire our life to look.  

Because we truly believe when women can move through life connected to their desires, their intuition, their HER, then real change can happen because we are the community gatherers.  We are the movement starters. We are the healers. And when we circle up we are more powerful. 

I feel courage. 

The USWNT is  loud and speaking truths with no holding back. That is so refreshing.  We need that more than ever!

Alex Morgan sipped an imaginary cup of tea for a goal celebration against England. She got the most ridiculous backlash for that. And not one time did she say she was sorry for offending people. Think about all of the crazy things men do when they score and we don’t obsess over the way they celebrate!  

Or how about Megan Rapinoe saying she didn’t want to go to the fucking white house.  LOL! She did apologize for swearing. In my opinion she didn’t even need to do that but I like that she did. She demanded with her eyes blazing at the camera that our president “Do Better.”  And that we all do better. 

They are unapologetically themselves and that helps connect me to my own courage.  

I want to act on my impulses with care and thought AND without editing my true nature.  That is taking practice but rest assured that I will channel my inner USWNT when I feel like I am holding back my truth.

And finally…

I feel connected to my pride in who I am as a woman.  

I played soccer and considered playing in college but people around me suggested that there is no money in women’s sports.  And I listened to that notion. I truly thought that there would be no money, then I’d retire and where would I be? As if making money is the only reason to follow a dream!

I recently attended Abby Wambach’s book tour. She told a story that connected me to my 16-year-old athlete in a way that was very healing.  She shared a story about receiving an award along side of Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning. She admitted that she felt anger as she walked off the stage having received the same Icon award as Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning upon retiring.  They all received this SAME award as the most accomplished athletes of their time yet her retirement would be much different than theirs as her bank account didn’t match the two male athletes. 

I sat in the audience feeling the anger anger that I had buried long ago that comes with the desire of so desperately wanting to continue my favorite sport and letting it go because it was too hard and the decks were stacked too high against me.  

Looking back I’d tell my younger self to play if you want and that there is plenty of time in life to explore lots of things!  You just never know where life will take you, little Connie! 

In closing, I feel proud. Proud of these women and proud of where my life has taken me.  Proud that I am recognizing that I am not alone. I too feel anger inside of me and with that anger I will transform it into strength and courage to stand up for what is right. More now than ever.