10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Us

We are wishing you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day!!!  No matter your role as mother, we see you and love you and recognize the many, many ways to stand in motherhood. And that is profound.  So, thank you to all the mothers in our lives. ALL OF YOU!

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Our 4 and 5-year-olds teach us many important lessons and inspire us to be our best. This Mother’s Day we sat down to reflect on the top ten lessons we’ve learned from being Mom to Emilie and Jack, Maia and Hudson.

1. Be Present

This is a big one that we practice every day...sometimes every hour or even minute on especially challenging days! When we put work away, get off our phones and stay present with the kids- everyone wins. When we are present we listen better, react with more intention, notice the magic of the moment, and can better access the deep, calm parts within us when the inevitable little human emotional storms enter the scene.  When we can stay connected to our calm, we serve as better guides for our little ones as they explore and navigate emotions.

When we aren’t present with our kids- everyone is affected!  We are quick to react in frustration or impatience, arrive at overwhelm more quickly and aren’t able to enjoy the moment.  The kiddos feel this energy and their emotions often rise up to match ours and that never ends well.

How can YOU embrace the moment more?

2. Have Courage

This is one that we’ve been exploring a lot as we work hard to stretch out of our comfort zones more and more.  What does courage mean to us? How do we embody that courage? How can we make more courageous choices? Where are we playing small out of fear and doubt?  One of our favorite parts about the work we do at Emaya is the opportunity it gives our children to watch us walking the walk with our students, to hear these kinds of questions and see us committed to the practice of being our best selves.  Having courage takes practice. When we acknowledge our fears but step into our courage anyway, we invite our kids to do the same!

In what ways can you choose courage?

3. Embrace Our Inner Child

So often, we adults win the game of being too busy or ‘grown up’ to PLAY or we aren't one to play with the kids- and that's ok.  AND yet watching our kids explore their creativity, be a YES to their imagination and follow their joy sets our giggles aflame and encourages us to get in touch with our inner kid and PLAY.  Try it! Embrace being silly, play games, make a mess (don't clean up until the fun is done) and have some fun with your kids! It feels so free when we open our hearts to creativity, joy and letting loose!

What is one way you can PLAY today?

4. Be Kind

As mothers, we feel it is our responsibility (along with their Dads) to teach our children what kindness means, why being kind is important and that how you treat people matters.  The best way we know how to teach our children is to model the behavior we desire to see from them. While we like to think we are nice and kind women, after some reflection, we are asking ourselves: In what ways can we be more kind? It what ways can we be of more service to others?  How can we practice kindness for the underserved more powerfully?  How can we have kinder thoughts? How can we be kinder to ourselves? We don’t always have the answers and we don’t always get it right but showing up and trying to be our kindest selves feels good and watching the ripple effects that has on our children is priceless.

What is one act of kindness you can practice this week, big or small?


5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Remember these books? They were onto something! Often times the things we sweat in life hold little importance and there we go, wasting our precious time and energy sweating the small stuff.  In any relationship, it is important to be able to practice forgiveness, give grace to others and not stay stuck in victim mode.  Our daily Sadhana of yoga and meditation really helps us separate ourselves from our thoughts, emotions and our pain body (whattup EGO).  Seeing our kids be so quick to forgiveness and move on with joy in their hearts inspires us to let go of those old stories and wounds that are blocking our light.  

What are YOU sweating?  How can you let it go?

6. The Power of Saying Sorry

We are not perfect, we are human and we certainly mess up as mamas.  We work to be our best, and sometimes we miss the mark. We are learning it’s ok to call that out and use it as a teachable moment.  Saying I’m sorry to our kids shows them it's ok to make mistakes and that we care and want to try again. Heck, bringing that to every relationship is useful!!

What, or whom, might you want to forgive?

7. Leave Early

There is nothing worse than rushing.  Wait, there is...rushing WITH children. Gone are the days of leaving last minute because you are fast enough to get to where you need to be. The last minute “I have to poop!” cries, temper tantrums, sibling fights and small distractions along the way add time to the journey. Patience goes out of the window!  Leaving with extra time builds in spaciousness to put out fires and get everyone to where they need to be on time...and happy.

Road rage weighing you down?  How can you plan for peace by leaving earlier?

8. Trust our HER

Call it intuition, instincts, the voice inside (or what we call our HER at Emaya), that power awakens in a different way when we take on the mother role.  Learning to listen to that inner reckoning takes practice. Trusting what your intuition tells you when it comes to taking care of your kids isn’t always easy especially with all the opinions and judgements out there!  This makes listening to our/your own intuition and truth even more important! Sometimes it’s loud and unwavering and sometimes it isn’t. Often times we second guess it in fear that we are “wrong” but when we say yes and it’s spot on, mama... does that feel good!   We’ve begun to notice that this HER fire starts to ignite in all areas of our intuition and lives when we allow it and how we raise our babies is no exception. So, mamas, listen and let your HER be your inner compass.

How could you practice listening to your intuition today in a fun way? In other words, how could you “feel” into a simple decision?

9. Unconditional LOVE

There is really nothing like a mother’s love, if she is allowing herself to be vulnerable to sharing it. This is the kind of mothers that we strive to be.  It is not always easy to be loving and patient. It is not always easy to compromise and sacrifice for our children and sometimes it sure is! One thing is for sure, no matter what our children do or how tired we are, we love them so much.  Even when they are at their worst, we love them. Even when we are at our worst, they love us. Through good times and bad, takes on a whole new meaning with children in the mix and that well of fierce unconditional “nothing will change my love for you” also inspires our marriages and other relationships. We are showing up with love and on the days we don’t we say sorry, we own it and we practice again.  And PS...to the mamas out there that struggle with this, we see you and we are sending you healing, love and extra patience to keep trying! We got this!

In what ways can you handle the next difficult moment with your family leading with love?

10.  Protect Your HER

Healthy boundaries save us from burnout. Saying yes to things we are really feel a strong no to, over-scheduling, not eating healthy meals peacefully, taking part in unhealthy relationships, and doing everything for everyone- and what is left?  Making yourself just as valuable and just as important as every other member of your family is not selfish!!!!! It is LOVING to everyone. This has been a game-changing reframe for us and a habit we are still practicing every day without it we open ourselves up to frustration, resentment, anger. Cultivating harmony within by protecting your HER makes so much room for being kinder, more present and patient mama, wife, sister, friend.  It makes the end of the day a little bit easier. It makes walking alongside your partner more loving. It brings the joy back within and we can actually enjoy our time as a parent.

Set a goal to do 3 things for YOU today.  What will they be? Put them in your calendar to make sure you make time to accomplish this time.


Connie and Michaela