Happy Father's Day

To the men that made us Mommies,

To the men that made us wives,

To the men that bring us laughter,

To the men that fill our lives.

To the guys that push our buttons,

To the guys that keep it real,

To the guys that do the dishes,

To the guys that cook the meal.

\To the dads that won our babies hearts,

To the dads that dry their tears,

To the dads that give out Eskimo kisses,

To the dads that share their fears.

To the mothers that raised you well,

To the fathers that guided you too,

To the gods that blessed us on that day,

When our lives made their way to you.

Happy Father’s day to two of the best Dads around.  It isn’t always easy or pretty but we wouldn’t want to be on this parenting adventure with any other guys around!


Connie and Michaela