Listening Meditation

On last week’s blog we shared musings on quiet with you all!

It kept us reflecting on our little children and how they need quiet too! It inspired us to create moments this week to help them practice quieting their bodies and minds.

And let’s be real: we like to find moments to quiet our bodies and minds too. :)

This meditation is really fun to practice and it doesn’t just have to be with children, though it is fun with kiddos!

Find stillness, close your eyes and hone in on the sounds that surround you.  It’s amazing to connect with sounds that we miss, don’t acknowledge or didn’t even realize were present until we tuned in!!

It brings us to the present moment. We listen. We smile at the world.  Gratitude and joy fill us up.

It also gives us practice at listening to our own self, to our HER, and to find the feelings or happenings within that we don’t realize need our attention until we tune in.

In this moment we captured, Hudson hears a train (I did not hear a train).  There is indeed a subway line that runs beneath where we were sitting together that day, so where I didn’t hear a train, that little guy caught and tuned into that sound by simply listening to his surroundings.  We then walked to school happy, connected and in tune.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Connie and Michaela