A few weeks ago, I had an hour to myself upstate.  My kids were playing with new friends and my husband was attending a conference for work. It had been a long stretch of not being alone and in that moment I felt so free and light.  

I walked slowly with nowhere to go.  The weather was cool and dreary. It was about to rain and there was a stunning fog across the lake. This scene stopped me dead in my tracks and I took the beauty in right before my eyes.


The tranquil setting permeated my being and I imagined it was a gift laid out just for me and my eyes alone. It took my breath away. The way the rocks found their shape perched on top of the water made me smile.  The ripples that spilled across the liquid conjured spirit and magic in my mind. I disappeared into the depth of the fog that revealed the tree line in a flirtatious manner. The wooden seat situated undercover called me to contemplate.

The stillness that washed over me was exhilarating.  Only nature’s beauty could make one feel this way; connected, grateful and that deep knowing that I divinely landed in this moment.  It was a familiar moment; have you had these? The ones that make you say, ‘I’m here again! Why can’t I have more of these moments, more often?!’  I liked this feeling.

My thoughts gathered around meditation and how it has allowed me to shape and craft moments of connection and introspection when I can’t make it to a body of water or a refreshing hike or to travel to places I’ve never been. As I counted my blessings in the moment,  I began to pray for all those that weren’t as fortunate as I was to be able to enjoy life’s beauty and this sweet inner peace. I prayed for those whose circumstances don’t allow love and peace to flood their veins. Everyone should be able to feel peace and love.  I felt sad. I felt joy. I felt it all in one instant.

Right here and now, I keep going back to that moment looking across the water and fog whenever I need to connect with peace.  It tides me over until I can find the next moment that elevates my spirit in this way. For now, I enjoy the harmony that shows up in my everyday life: in my morning and evening meditations and my yoga practice, in my husband’s arms, and my children's giggles and accomplishments.  I find peace inspiring new moms to birth with truth and courage and I find peace and goodwill in my students taking one more breath in a challenging pose.

Where do you find peace? What practices do you reach for in your toolbox?  Is it meditation? Does it involve nature? When you visualize a serene place in nature, what does it look like?  What sets the scene for you to enjoy contemplation?

Contemplating my life up until this moment allows me to hold hands with serenity, satisfaction and joy.