Our 3 Favorite Yin Poses for Connection and Peace

Yin yoga takes on a slower and more meditative approach in which practitioners hold poses close to the ground for an extended period of time.  By holding poses for 3 minutes and longer, we are able to connect to connective tissue and fascia on a deeper level by way of the breath and by taking each pose in a more passive manner. There is also a safely focused amount of stress on joints, which rejuvenates and keeps them healthy as we age.

It is a style of yoga designed to allow time and space to process. We process thoughts, emotions, our body, and spirit when we are asked to be still in a particular posture for a longer duration of time than typically feels comfortable.

The intimacy with self (your HER) that presents itself in Yin Yoga is unmatched in any other yoga we have practiced. Of course, you find intimacy in other styles of yoga, but when you are still and dealing with only yourself, in the space that Yin Yoga provides, the potential for healing blossoms.

We love practicing Yin Yoga when we feel called to slow down and connect, or when we need to do some deep soul diving.

Below we share with you our 3 favorite Yin poses that we return to when life feels a bit upside down and we need to cultivate connection and peace.  We move through each of these poses with deep breaths and presence anywhere from 3-10 minutes each. This helps us to receive the benefits of the delicious Yin practice.

If you are a beginner, start with a shorter amount of time and build up to longer periods as you practice.


Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose calms the body, mind, and spirit.  We massage the organs of the digestive system through compression in this shape, ever so gently. Enjoy the stretch across the spine and the ankles. Feel free to use a bolster, a block or blankets.  It’s so nice to feel supported, especially when you hold these poses for longer than you normally might.


Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose tones the spine and gently stretches the front body.  Prop yourself up on your elbows with the shoulders on top. If there is too much sensation in your lower back, send the elbows forward and lower your chest closer to the mat! You could also try placing a bolster or rolled up blanket under your armpits to relax completely.  This pose is very restoring!


Reclining twists

Reclined twists release tension in your spine and gently gives the abdominal organs a nice massage.  De-stress and let go as you breathe in this posture for 3-5 mins on each side. Note: You do not need a bolster!  Bolsters are optional and just adds extra love and support. To do the pose with no props, lay on your back, draw your knees into your chest, then allow them to drop to one side, bring the arms to a T shape and enjoy!

Perhaps play some soft music, light a candle, burn some sage as you try these poses on.  Remember to breathe and allow your body to surrender into the pose. We can’t wait to know how it went!

Try them on and let us know what you think!


Connie and Michaela

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