Quiet. I have all I need.

Quiet.  Sometimes I forget how quiet feels.  

I love our life in Brooklyn, NY!  It’s alive! The people, food, art, music, shops- there is a buzz that excites and charges me to live each day to the fullest!  We have friends all over the city and right next door. There are parks to play in and NYC bubbles with culture. We are exposed to it all!  Our children are brave and curious but have an edge to them I’m not sure I had.

Quiet. Sometimes I forget what quiet feels like.

I am a 2nd generation American, but I was raised very close to my Italian roots.  I grew up surrounded and supported by family. There was pasta, cousins (first, second, third- we go deep), aunts and uncles, grandparents, Sunday dinners, Louis Prima, Sons of Italy, Italian festivals, music, and loud, passion-filled voices.  

Quiet.  Sometimes I don’t know how to be quiet.

My grandparents were friends and we often celebrated holidays with both sides of my family- together.  No family is perfect, and yet when I look back on my first 18 years in this skin, I feel love at the foundation and I feel so lucky. Sometimes I long for those days.  It was so fun to be so connected to each other.   I wish my niece, nephew and my cousin's kids to live closer to my own children so that they too could experience what I felt growing up...the joy of constant family.

Quiet.  Sometimes I don’t want the quiet.  

Life feels stressful lately with all the buzz of the city, the to-do lists, the dealing with a “fournado” (aka Hurricane Hudson), clawing for creative time, making time for my relationship, etc. I can feel my body bracing to get through the stress. I am grateful for my daily practice but sometimes life just gets you!

Quiet. Sometimes I need quiet.

For the first time in a long while, I went home to celebrate with my family.  And the love, the celebration, my old neighborhood, the trees, the people, and THE QUIET soothed my stress and elevated my soul.  It was as if my body knew it was home and reset on a cellular level. It was hard to leave my family and that feeling of being complete but I am taking it with me.  

Quiet.  Sometimes listening in the quiet is all I need.  

I know how to be quiet.  I know how to find the love within me to bring me back to my HER, my essence.  But sometimes, the download of being home is the best reminder.


I have all I need.