4 Easter Yoga Poses (For The Little Humans In Your Life)

As yoga teachers and Moms we play with yoga poses a lot in our homes, but you don’t have to be a Mom to share these adorable yoga poses with the little humans in your life!   

Whether you are a babysitter, Auntie or a little one’s BFF these kid-friendly Easter Yoga Poses will have you all hopping, laughing and celebrating together!

When we play yoga with kids it’s a great idea to let them lead the way.  The pose doesn’t need to be in perfect alignment. It’s a wonderful thing to allow them to discover what their bodies can do and encourage them to explore this kind of connection.  Yoga inspires creativity, fun and physical exploration! Enjoy!


Easter Egg Pose (aka Child’s Pose)

Kids love this! Child’s pose is right in their wheelhouse and doubles perfectly for Easter Egg Pose. This is a great pose to relax in but you can make it exciting by having them hide and hold a easter egg hunt- yoga style!


Bunny Pose (aka Rabbit’s Pose)

Bunny pose is our take on Rabbit pose.  It’s a great stretch on the back of your neck and fun shoulder opener. The arms come up as bunny ears to give the pose a little extra balance challenge.


Frog Pose (aka Malasana)

Frog Pose is fun and kids can enjoy a great stretch…if they can hold still long enough.  This pose tends to become very animated and active in a child’s body. Ask them to jump from lily pad to lily pad as they ribbit and catch flies.


Little Chick Pose (aka Toe Squat)

This playful pose stretches the toes and is a fun way to practice balance.  Kids can walk around on their toes and “cheep-cheep-cheep” flapping their wings!

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Connie & Michaela

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