Happy Women's History Month, Emaya Circle!!

It’s Women's History Month!

It's our month to celebrate YOU and every single woman in our circle; although we hope you feel seen and appreciated by Emaya every month because you deserve it!  

We love being women and are so grateful that we are able to connect with you no matter where we are in the world! We feel so proud of this circle and the magic it creates!  So, thank you!

Thank you for showing up for your HER, thank you for shining YOUR unique and brilliant light, thank you for supporting the amazing women in this circle, thank you for supporting us and thank you for being a special part of Emaya.  

It is because of your trust in our vision and your willingness to dive deep alongside us that we can create powerful change- for ourselves and collectively as a circle of fierce women.

Keep shining Ladies; you inspire us!!


Connie and Michaela