Happy Spring, Emaya Circle

We don’t know about you but this winter has been a long and cold one for us.  It has been a time of bundling up, moving through transitions and reflection. This winter season was a wonderful invitation to practice being present among change, multiple blizzards, new schools, new challenges, new opportunities...all the things! It wasn’t always easy….our practices often aren’t ... but we made it!

Our children's energy is increasing by the day (or seconds... let’s be honest) and they have officially started bouncing off the walls!!!!  We are ALL ready to bring that creative prana energy outside and start playing and creating!

Isn’t it funny how nature brings you what you need just when you need it?


When the first day of Spring came this past week...we were READY and celebrated!!!!  We honored all of the learning and reflection from this past winter and set our intentions for what we each want to plant this Spring.  

Spring is a powerful time when we get to expand and reawaken just as the plants bud and spring forth new life! We've set intentions in the fall, went inward during the dark months and now it's time to observe and appreciate our growth and awakening. It's a great time to re-examine our intentions and make adjustments and renegotiate to make sure this spring's fruition is moving us in the direction we've been dreaming up! Plant seeds and nurture those intentions with TLC, action and room to breathe and blossom.


So, Emaya Circle, we want to know….

What awakenings did this winter offer YOU?  

What adjustments will you make on intentions set months ago in order to blossom now?

What seeds (fresh intentions) are YOU planting this spring season?

How will YOU nurture these seeds as they grow?

What kind of support do YOU need to nurture these seeds?

How can you use this new spring energy to serve YOU and your desires?

Hop on over to our Emaya Circle to share and let us know how we can support you!


Connie & Michaela

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