An Irish Lullaby


My Grandma was born and raised in Tipperary, Ireland and was one of 8 children.  Like most Irish women that I know, my Grandma grew up to be a feisty, passionate, stubborn, animal- loving, loyal and spiritual woman who was completely devoted to her family.   

 In my book, she was the Grandma of all Grandmothers.  She was always the one to make up a fun game and jump in to play soccer with us... even at the age of 82!  

She helped teach us to ride bikes and how to treat animals.  She told us Irish stories and taught us of our Irish heritage with great reverence.  She lived by the Golden Rule and modeled how a good and kind human being behaves. She was a spiritual woman and had unwavering faith. She had impeccable timing (which I now understand to be intuition) and always sent her ‘just because” care packages just when I needed them most.  

In essence, my Grandma was always there for me and I know that each and every one of her 10 other grandchildren would say the same.

She passed away over 10 years ago but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her, pray to her, meditation with her.  


I pass on her Irish stories to my children and we often talk about Great Grandma Joan and her brilliant Irish dancing skills and generous heart, her great love of family and terrible singing voice (an ongoing joke amongst us grandkids)!

Since her passing, St. Patrick’s Day has taken on a different meaning for me.  It is a day that I carry her more deeply in my heart, reflect on her Irish childhood, remember her journey to America after meeting my PopPop post WWII and what that must have meant to her and so much more.   I wonder in what ways she’d be proud of me and in what ways she’d want to wrap me in her arms and give me one of her big hugs while asking me…. “Can you feel it Michaela?”   

She meant her love, of course, and I always felt it.

I still feel it.


One of my favorite memories of my Grandma though was when she’d sing us an Irish lullaby before going to sleep.  It made me feel loved and safe.

I sing this lullaby to my own babies now and, when I sing, I feel so connected to my Grandma, my Great Grandmother and to all of the strong Irish women that helped pave the path for me and my family.  I feel their love circling me with protection, love, wisdom and I feel strong.

So, Emaya Circle, I thought I’d share this Irish lullaby with you… in celebration of my Grandma Joan and to all the other Irish lads and lassies that have gone before us.

Click here and give a listen. Please enjoy!

We honor you.  We thank you. We love you.



Give a listen!!!

Give a listen!!!

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