5 Ways to Practice Self-Care on the Fly

Living in a big city takes its toll!!!   Even if you’re not living a fast-paced city life, life hands us plenty of unexpected weight, twists and turns.  So how can we handle the everyday stressors in a way that serves and supports our HER?

Here are a few things that elevate our moods and bring us back to the present quickly.

What are some ways that you take care of YOU on the fly? Let us know!

Take 3 Breaths

Breathing slows us down and brings us to the present moment immediately. It calms the nervous system and can help us connect to the moment and react in a more loving way!  Breath is key!


Take a Walk

We like to call this a soul walk or moving meditation.  Nothing beats spending time with Mother nature and breathing in the fresh air for an instant burst of energy and sense of gratitude for simply being alive!  Get outside, breathe that fresh air and let your mind be present as you observe your surroundings….even if it’s just for ten short minutes!


Play Your Favorite Tune

Sitting in a tough moment in the day or life moment?  Push play on your favorite tune and allow the music to lift you up and carry your mood to the desired emotion!  Even better: sing along and dance it out. LOUD!!!! Music heals and soothes the soul!



When we are moving through life’s more challenging and darker moments, slowing down and finding gratitude and joy in the small things can make all the difference.  Get present (practice that breathing) and write down 5 things you are grateful for and 3 ways you can practice gratitude today. Perhaps it's slowing down and savoring that warm cup of coffee/tea or maybe it's letting your kids make that mess and laugh alongside them instead of futurizing the mess.  Practicing gratitude is powerful.


Call your Mom!  (Or a favorite woman in your life)

When the going gets tough, Moms to the rescue!  Share your struggle, don’t push through it alone.  Call your mom or a woman in your life that lifts you up!  We all have that one life-saving gal in our lives that is a phone call away and loves us unconditionally, helps guide us back to our light and leaves us feeling like ourselves again by the time we hang up!    Make that call, share a cry or a giggle...you’ll be so glad you did!



Connie and Michaela

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