What's Self Love Mean To You?

This month of celebrating love has us reflecting on what love means to us, the ways we love others and how we love ourselves.

Self love and self care are buzz words we are reading and hearing about on the regular the past few years. We are told to "put your oxygen mask on before helping others" at take off before every flight and we're reminded to fill our cups up first often.  Self love seems to be a pretty popular term yet, in our experience, it is a concept that means different things to different people.   Often times we aren’t connecting to what it really means to us in this season of our life.  Taking time to understand self love and what it means to you specifically is important in order to deepen this relationship to loving self and ultimately create a conscious practice with it.

So this month we’ve been getting curious and asking our circle (and ourselves); what does self love mean to YOU?

The responses from our circle have been awesome and inspiring…

Self love means….

  • Self Acceptance

  • Empowerment

  • Listening To My Body

  • Trusting My Intuition

  • Meeting Myself Where I Am As I Am

  • Taking Responsibility For My Life

  • Dancing

  • Patience With Myself

  • Unapologetic

  • Expressive

  • Rest And Sleep

  • Honoring All The Parts That Make Up Me

  • Being Conscious Of Old Stories and Choosing A New Empowering One

  • Taking Time For Myself And Remaining True To My HER

  • Flowing With Whatever Comes My Way

  • Saying No!

  • Getting Out My Arts & Crafts To Express Myself

  • Authentic

  • Connected

  • Trusting Myself And The Universe Completely

Isn’t it amazing to see all the unique definitions of self love and the countless ways that we can practice this dance with self?

So, as we round home on this month of love... we are curious; what does self love mean to you?  How do you practice loving yourself authentically and fully?  How can you deepen your self-love practice today?

Let us know what you discover over at our Emaya Circle!

Sending love from our HER to yours,

Connie & Michaela

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