What do you do on retreat? We are getting a lot of questions like this from loved ones that have never experienced an Emaya  retreat.

Michaela and I are creatives. Creators.  We used to be actresses, singers, directors- all of our talents and creative practices led to this moment, I am so sure of it. 

So when we put a retreat together we normally start with: What is our objective and in what ways can we accomplish it?

We want women to feel rested, nourished and rejuvenated when they leave our retreats.  AND after witnessing the powerful transformations that occur throughout our time with Emaya, there is more than rest and relaxation we wanted participants to find. Our circle is growing and yearning for more. We wanted more for our circle of women.  MUCH more.  

We want women to reawaken!  We want women to remember who they are and what they want. We want women to walk way from our retreats and our programs and workshops feeling empowered to inhabit their own skin.  We want women to be in touch with their beauty and power, that they are more than worthy, that they are strong and capable. Because they are. WE are.  

Being on retreat as a facilitator reminds US who WE ARE!  We love to lead. We love to make women feel comfortable with the uncomfortable.  We love to hold a woman’s hand help her feel our company as we walk through emotions and remind her that she’s not alone. 

We use a lot of words like high vibration, healing, going within, finding our HER or ourselves, and all kinds words and phrases that you are starting to hear more and more lately.  But the bottom line is that when we come together with women, something unleashes with in us that has been dying to get out. We’re talking the good the bad and the ugly. We are able to lay down what's not working and say HEY I AM DONE WITH THIS WAY OF BEING and then we can remember to ask ourselves, our HER, ok girl: What do you want to do now that we’ve put that down?  Let the games begin.

So yes to yoga, yes to campfires and kumbaya, yes to meditation and crystals and candles.  But also: YES to work sessions. YES to yoga, breathing, chanting and diving into the practices that are so sacred so profound.  AND YET, we want more. YES to inner work that get us to ask hard questions so that we can look at where we are and where we want to go and make it happen.  So, on an Emaya retreat you get all the energy work that yoga and meditation bring AND you get a chance to process that work with creativity and courage and a circle surrounding you.

It’s not always easy to come away from a retreat.  WE ARE RETREATING, going away, backing away from the wild lives we lead to enjoy quiet down time, eat nourishing food, move our bodies in a way that is healing and have conversations with women that remind us that we can do it! We connect when we chat with women where “me too” is an exciting phrase that helps us realize we aren’t alone. The only part that feels difficult is coming away from that experience and then integrating back into the day to day.  But we are bonded now AND the good news is we are still here for you and this virtual space is a blessing for that very reason! We can still be connected.

So when we say that we experienced healing on a retreat what we mean is that we are ok. We are loving ourselves in ways we weren’t loving ourselves yesterday. There is love and forgiveness there.  There is healing with in that. There is a vibration that just kicked in a little more resonant than before.



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