The Wisdom Of Winter

Mother nature designed each season with strong intention and thoughtful care. The earth moves and responds to the infinite intuition and wisdom of each season with power and grace.  

When we connect with nature we can see the magical transformation each season offers. So, what if we were to allow ourselves to be still, experience and observe the intuition and wisdom that each season offers? What could that do for OUR own personal transformation?

Winter is no exception and there is great learning to be discovered. Winter is always whispering wisdom but we are often moving too fast or trying to push through the winter “blues” to listen.

This winter season has been challenging for many of us. With endless cold days, long drives in snow-packed roads, endless days stuck indoors with our furry friends/small children, flus and colds... it’s no wonder some days we want to pull our hair out!

Still, beneath all of that, winter invites the space to reflect and reconnect. It is a time of quieting the outside noise, setting aside the hustle and bustle of other seasons and hibernating with YOU.  It is a time to cozy up with a blanket and reflect upon how you are showing up in your life and what is/is not working for you.  Most times this is NOT a comfortable place to be which is why we like to push and pull and do anything other than be still and get honest with ourselves. But it is SO important because if we don’t take the time to do this and learn from Winter then we move into Spring, the season of re-birth and creation, not releasing what no longer serves us and end up creating from a space of confusion, chaos and disconnect.

As a personal example, this winter I found myself experiencing a lot of frustration and impatience. I noticed my expectations were high and I was avoiding the moment by daydreaming about future possibilities. I even had some days where I literally cursed the snowfall and kicked the snow covered tires of my car #keepitreal. Yet, when I got still and honest I realized underneath all of that was a lot of fear that coincided with living outside of my comfort zone (moving to Romania with 2 small children and not speaking the language). It was time for me to identify the fears and do some work on surrendering and letting go so that come spring I am creating from an inspired and grounded place not a fearful and limited one.

So…. are YOU ready to discover what wisdom Winter has for YOU? Are you ready to get REAL with Mother Winter and ask her some provocative questions? Let’s do it!

Ask yourself these questions and write down your response (please try to avoid over-thinking, analyzing or judging your responses!)

  • What wisdom does Winter most want to share with you?

  • If Winter wanted you to learn one thing, what would it be?  

  • Is there any action Winter would have you take on this new discovery before Spring?  

  • How will this action support the new possibilities that arrive with Spring?

When we ask these questions BEFORE winter’s end we not only practice gratitude for this season but we get clear on our design for Spring. We take the learning from Winter and use that clarity to plan intentional, purposeful and powerful seeds of creativity when Spring peaks her gorgeous head.

This wisdom of Winter is unique to each of us and requires some sitting still and quiet and reflection on the questions above. Perhaps as you sit you will discover additional questions and deepen your conversation with Winter… awesome! The best part of this practice is that with time, quiet, reflection and self-trust when you’ve landed on it you will know it! Trust your gut!

Once you have your Winter Wisdom, write it down! Better yet, head over to our Facebook page and LET US KNOW!!!  

Also be sure to join us LIVE on our Coffee Talk With Cala and Connie, this Friday March 9th at 8:30am EST where we will dive deeper with this topic and give you a preview on how you can use this Winter Wisdom to create more powerfully in the Spring!

To the wisdom of winter and within, 



Connie Viglietti