A Rockettes Kind of Christmas


A wonderful friend of mine and I took our daughters to see the Christmas Spectacular starring The Radio City Rockettes! The girls were thrilled for 2 weeks straight about our girls date.  

The night of the show, my friend handed Maia and her daughter a headband covered in red glitter and a santa hat on top of it (she hasn’t taken it off for a week now except to take a bath).  We skipped onto the subway, got off of the F train, and stepped into the bustling manhattan streets. We were ready for magic!

But I had forgotten just how magical Christmas can be.  

First stop: the Rockefeller Christmas tree!   When the girls saw the tree, and the star on top of it, they screeched with wonder.  My heart skipped a few beats.

I have lived in NYC for 15 years and have seen the tree during the holidays a few times. Maia had seen it as a toddler and I am sure she didn’t remember. The sheer joy and amazement in her eyes filled me right up and I made a vow right then and there to myself that I’d take her every year she asks to go!  

After the tree magic, we headed over to Magnolia bakery and got purple iced vanilla cupcakes and hot chocolate to warm up from the cold! As we waited  in line, the "Rockettes" passed out discount cards and the girls began screaming again in absolute delight. They were SO ready!  

We walked into the theatre and my goodness, I couldn’t get enough of the enormous, crystal tree chandelier hanging in the lobby. Holy, #chandeliergoals.  We made our way to our seats. The girls sang us the best rendition you have EVER HEARD of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. I looked around the theatre and people were grinning and giggling at the sound of their little voices.  

When the show began, again, they screeched!  They danced in their seats, pointed, sang and hugged us and each other in utter excitement.  The joy they received from the music, dancing, singing, santa, the stage was electric. Being together in this way with our girls is something I will remember forever.   

It brought the joy of Christmas right back into my heart and sent me back to the very first time I remember waiting up for Santa. There was the smell of cookies my Mom, Grandmother’s and Aunties made as a delicious tradition.  I could see myself and my cousin Ann peeking at presents while the adults were busy preparing the food. I giggled at the thought of my Aunt Bernie making everyone laugh hysterically at her prank pollyanna gifts in front of the whole family...year after year. It made me miss my Nonno and Nanna, Uncles and Cousin that are no longer here with us.  It brought me right back to the meaning of it all: JOY AND LOVE.

Maybe you don’t have children in your life or you don’t have the desire to see the Rockettes at Radio City or perhaps, you don’t have joyful memories around this holiday. I hold space for you, truly.  

BUT I believe that we can create a life that we dream of and I know Michaela does as well or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Creating a life we dream of always begins with asking ourselves a question: What do you want? What do you want to experience this holiday season? Is it, like me, more joy and love? Whatever it is...identify it and then ask yourself, how can I cultivate that for myself? How can I connect to the magic that is at the very center of this special time of year?  

Going inward and paying attention to what your heart whispers to you is a great way to start.  When you are connected to your HER in a big way, you begin to see the magic all around you, I promise.  And now is a great time to start. :)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Emaya!    

Connie Viglietti