Divine Responsibility

Hey lovelies,
The last couple weeks have been super busy and overwhelming for me. You know how it goes... too many things to do, not enough time to do them but ....SURE let me add ONE more thing because I LOVE saying YES to EVERYTHING :) This has left me feeling burnt out, tired and honestly feeling pretty unaccomplished in most areas of my life as of late. Life can just get too darn busy and we need an honest to goodness break... a break from the stress, the never-ending to do list, and let's be honest, the internet!!!
Learning to give myself permission to only say YES when I am an absolute "YES" and take a step away to re-connect to myself is a daily practice. It is why Connie and I created Emaya Retreats. We witnessed the need to give ourselves and others the opportunity to escape from this fast paced world and step into a space to reconnect (to self and how you want to show up in this world), enjoy nature, find peace and grounding.
Are you too burning the candle at both ends? Do you finding yourself so busy that you are just going through the motions during the day and not really knowing or living with intention and a clear WHY?
If so, I FEEL you friends. And I sincerely and whole heartedly encourage you to choose YOU and say YES to YOU and join us at our upcoming Harvesting Harmony retreat this Sept 30-Oct 2. Learn more HERE.
If the retreat is NOT something you are able or want to do, please join me in committing to finding time in your day for at least ONE self-care and self- loving act just for YOU. Because we are so deserving of it! It is NOT selfish but a divine responsibility to do so!
All my love to you

Connie Viglietti