Back to HER

A 40 Day Online Program


Your HER is waiting to connect. Eager to share her wisdom. Ready to turn you back on to what you REALLY want. She is eager to inspire you to take action with the things that you value and guide you in creating a life YOU love.

Let’s go get HER! The 40 day journey....

Back to HER

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Join this circle of women ready to awaken, reconnect and deepen their relationship with HER and get started in living a life of more joy, freedom and purpose!

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Back to HER

Back To HER is a 40 day program to support you in healing habits and patterns that keep you overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected from your authentic self while awakening you to your true essence (HER), your desires and the work you want to do in the world.




The Back to HER program is delivered to you via email each day for 40 days.  Here is how it will flow throughout our 40 days together:

1. Each Day You Will Receive

  • A video guide with your daily 15 minute practice of yoga + meditation

  • Tips, inspirations and optional journaling for deeper reflection

2. Each Week you Will Receive

  • What To Expect weekly Sunday videos that outline and explain the theme, chakra and focus for the week ahead

  • A detailed video guide to set the foundation for the weekly meditation and yoga

  • Weekly Transformational Work session and exercises

  • Weekly guided meditations

  • An additional restorative yoga pose to support and activate the week’s chakra

3. Connecting In A Deeper way

  • Learn how to make your morning practice your own

  • Explore and awaken a new chakra each week

  • Journaling prompts for deeper reflection

  • Create your own unique mantra that supports your transformation

4. Support from Connie, Michaela and our amazing Back to HER Circle

  • Orientation Circle to meet everyone and get started!

  • 3 live calls/circles led by Michaela and Connie throughout the 40 days

  • 24/7 support via fb private group

  • Closing circle to complete our 40 days together in reflection and celebration!

5. Additional Support and Resources

  • Book recommendations

  • Connie and Michaela's must have yoga playlists

  • More surprises!

6. Lifetime access to this program

  • You can use this program whenever or as often as you like! We created this program specifically so that you can use it as a toolbox of goodies to always come back to and to be a foundation for you to remember all that is possible!


Back to HER


  • Deepen your connection to your authentic self

  • Reconnect to your passions and learn how to bring more joy and peace to your daily life

  • Connect more deeply to your body and feel confident in your own skin

  • Gain clarity around an area of your life where you feel stuck or lost

  • Surround yourself with like minded women that want to help you rise

  • Learn how to design (and manage!) your daily life in a way that supports what matters most to you

  • Create a daily morning routine/practice that inspires and nurtures you


  • Let go of old beliefs, fears and habits that have been keeping you stuck

  • Show up for yourself and the HER waiting to emerge

  • Deepen your mind-body-spirit connection

  • Lean into your divine inner wisdom and get REAL with yourself

  • Step powerfully into the next version of who you are

  • Design a life that reflects who you really are and what matters most to YOU


We can’t wait to begin this 40 day journey with YOU!
Let your HER SHINE!!!!!!



Back to HER Success Stories


Kyle G.JPG


“Emaya's Back to HER program was exactly what I needed to help me break down the walls I had been constructing since being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune illnesses nearly a decade ago. I knew I needed a change, but I didn't fully recognize how directionless I had become until I signed up for this program and began working on healing myself. The program Connie and Michaela have put together builds upon itself from the first to the last day, arming you with the tools you need to understand your resistance and discover who you really are and what it is that you want most in life. The meditations afforded me a space to think about what I truly wanted, while the work sessions helped me to explore what was holding me back from living that life. The yoga helped to strengthen my mind and my body; it allowed me to recognize areas of wellness within myself that I now actively try to call forth on a daily basis. The private facebook group gave me a place to meet like minded individuals, give and receive support, and check in with the progress we were making, as well as to hold myself accountable to the intentions I set for myself through the program. I cannot thank Connie and Michaela enough because, after 40 days, I am walking away from this program with a new awareness of myself. I feel as though I am in control of myself and my reactions toward my illness for the first time, and the empowerment that comes with that feeling is invaluable. If this program is calling to you in any way, I encourage you to be brave and take the first step, sign up, do this for yourself - you deserve it.”


Mariel M.

"Connie and Michaela are two of the most generous women I've ever met and they have created a beautifully powerful program. Through daily meditation, yoga practice and specific weekly coaching sessions, their Back to HER Program challenged me to get clear about my values, motivated me to create new, lasting habits, and gave me the courage and mindfulness to navigate through a really tough time in my life, the end of my marriage. This program is for the woman that feels the flicker of a flame inside and wants to ignite it. This is for the woman that seeks to claim her inner power. If you stick with the 40 days and these girls, you will find a sense of renewed purpose. All roads will lead back to YOU.”

Flea Square.jpg

Felicia R.

“Participating in Emaya's Back to HER was pretty incredible. I am usually resistant to programs and retreats but I allowed myself to be open and decided to commit myself to the 40 program. I have never been able to mediate because of my busy mind and I was really interested in learning more about the seven chakras. These were some of the reasons I joined. Dedicating myself to the daily yoga and meditation was refreshing and powerful. I had a few "breakthroughs" but most of the time I was able to just shut out the world for a good 10-15 min. That in itself is an accomplishment and I will continue with that practice. My main intention was to dive deeper in my own intuitive journey. The work sessions and support that the program provides really helped me to scratch the surface to the possibility of what lies ahead. I cannot wait to continue this journey. Thank you Connie and Michaela for creating such an amazing program.”

Cathy mc.jpg

Cathy M.

"Emaya and the Back to HER transformational yoga and meditation program has made me better. Better in balancing my work life, better in my relationships, better in defining my goals and desires and so much better in my body and head that I carry with me every day. Connie Viglietti and Michaela Cullen are true open hearted masters of light and love. I am forever grateful for my first 40 days, eternally grateful for the second 40 days and till the end of my time on this earth ——so damn grateful!"


Meg C.

Participating in Back To HER with Connie and Michaela was incredibly rewarding on many levels. It is a 40 day program that incorporates meditation and coaching sessions to connect and work on our internal lives while incorporating daily yoga movements to nurture our physical bodies. It was this unique approach that connected my body-mind-spirit in a profound way and inspired powerful transformation for me. After a 20 year chronic illness, I’d recently received a diagnoses and was moving through trying to get treatment and the support I needed for my health. In order to live my best (and healthiest) life, I realized that I had to make some big shifts and a decision to move out of state. This program came into my life at a time when I was re-defining my identity, grieving and making major life changing decisions and moving through chronic illness and pain. Many of the aspects of this program reached in and uplifted me and helped me to reconnect to myself. Each pillar of the program helped me to drop down from my brain to my gut and connect to the strong wise woman within myself so that I could find clarity and empowerment during such a tumultuous time. Connie graciously personalized the daily yoga for me in a way that supported my health and healing and felt good in my body. Michaela’s coaching sessions made me see things in a new way and illuminated what is most important to me and how I can take empowered action in a way that supports the life I desire.

This program is an incredible opportunity for anyone that is needing clarity in an area of your life, moving through a life change, wanting to return to yourself more deeply, wanting to feel more motivated, looking to find peace and for those that are grieving. This is a program that nurtures the soul and the mind and the heart and the creative process and I am so grateful. I have such respect and pride for the work that Michaela and Connie are doing. They are both extraordinarily skilled at what they do and them coming together and joining forces is powerful.