Certified yoga teachers + wellness coaches, authors + speakers, friends + mothers on a mission to help women connect to their light, purpose and power.


Welcome to Emaya

Certified yoga teachers + wellness coaches, authors + speakers, friends + mothers. 

Emaya co-founders, Connie Viglietti and Michaela Cullen have been friends since sharing the stage as music theatre majors at Elon University and have been teaching and coaching for the past ten years.  Through our individual studies, coaching, and teaching we have joined together to create empowering programs, retreats, and community with the mission to help women connect to their light, purpose, and power.  

Our Back To HER Online Program is praised for its unique combination of an inspiring 40-day yoga and meditation practice with empowering transformational work sessions.  This program is designed to be an immersive deep-dive back to HER (where your divine feminine wisdom, unwavering light, clear purpose, and fierce power reside).

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Connie Viglietti

Connie hails from York, PA!  She grew up in a big Italian family surrounded by love, music, delicious food and tradition. She played many sports and spent time singing and performing which lead her to Elon University to study Music Theatre (where she met Michaela)! After school she headed to NYC to pursue her singing and acting career.  You can see Connie in commercials from time to time. 

Connie hit the ground running auditioning, singing in bands, acting in classes, commercials, film and TV and web series.  But the constant emotional roller coaster that goes along with being a performing artist (and the inconsistent work) began to take it's toll.  Yoga offered an introspection and haven that felt familiar to being home as a person and as an artist.  Yoga slowly took over and Connie felt called to learn more.

For the last 8 years, Connie has spent time studying and practicing Yoga which has enriched her life in so many ways.  She holds certifications in Vinyasa Yoga (Sonic Yoga), Hatha Yoga (advanced studies withWill Duprey Yoga) and Prenatal and Postnatal yoga (Juliana Mitchell and Krissy Shields).  She loves teaching yoga to children.  She leads retreats, workshops and teacher trainings in NYC. Connie is a Reiki practitioner. She loves learning about energy and the power with in us to heal. She is also a certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Since becoming a mother herself, Connie takes great care and joy in supporting women through their journey to motherhood in many communities in NYC.  She is a birth doula, teacher and leads mommy groups.  She is feeling called to share and hold space with women as they navigate through the cycles of life that twist and turn with the big life changes as well as the small stuff. 

Connie loves to sing, chant mantra, enjoys being around kids, baking and spending time with her family. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Anthony, their children Maia and Hudson and doggie Kali.

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Michaela Cullen

Michalea grew up in Alexandria, VA and moved to Nantucket Island her sophomore year in High School.  Michaela was raised in a big family and is the youngest of four.  She remembers her youth as a time of love, creativity, music, theatre, close friendships and time with her family.  Michaela played many sports but theatre and music became her greatest passions which led her to Elon University to study Music Theatre (where she met Connie)! 

Throughout her childhood and early adulthood Michaela struggled with anxiety and panic attacks.  It wasn’t until she was introduced to yoga and it’s profound healing capabilities that she was able to dramatically reduce her anxiety and completely heal her panic attacks. For the last 8 years, Michaela has spent time studying and practicing yoga and has a passion for sharing its healing magic with others.  Michaela holds certifications in Prenatal Yoga (BellyBliss) and Vinyasa (CorePower).  

Over the years as a yoga teacher, Michaela became passionate about the way the body responds to trauma, stress, emotions, anxiety and felt called to provide additional support to her students beyond the body.  In 2013, Michaela received her Transformational Coaching Certification and Advanced Mastery Level Coach Certification and began her path as a Life Coach. 

Michaela is passionate about helping others live their best lives.  She finds joy in helping others peel back the layers to examine what in their life is/isn’t working and guide them to an empowered, exciting and self-expressed life! 

Michaela is also a Reiki practitioner and enjoys incorporating Reiki, meditation and yoga principles and methodologies into her coaching. Michaela leads retreats, workshops, and 1:1 coaching sessions and incorporates coaching throughout all of Emaya’s offerings.

Michaela is Mama to her two kids, Emilie and Jack, and wife to her husband, Mihai.  Michaela and her family enjoy traveling, baking, dancing, singing, quality time together, adventures and the occasional tantrum on long flights (Michaela, not the kids!) They have recently packed up their Denver home and currently reside in Romania. They are enjoying this grand adventure!

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Our Back To HER Program is praised for its unique combination of an inspiring 40 day yoga and meditation practice with empowering transformational work sessions.  This program is designed to be an immersive deep-dive back to HER or the SELF (essence) where your divine feminine wisdom, unwavering light, clear purpose and fierce power reside.




Coffee Talk with Cala and Connie

Drinking coffee together and catching up, dreaming together, or bouncing ideas back and forth together is something Connie and Michaela have done for decades.  Literally.  Now that Emaya is growing, and we have YOU to share with, we want to invite you to our coffee talks and join us in conversation and community over coffee! This is a time to discuss things that matter and topics close to all of our hearts.  This is a time to be silly and laugh at life’s twists and turns and also a time to reflect and think of solutions to some of life’s more challenging “stuff.” Click our coffee heart photo to the left to check our schedule and catch up with our chats!  Don't forget to pour your cup o' joe/tea!!!

Connie and Michaela

Emaya Circle

Whether we are connecting through one of our online programs or in person at one of our retreats/workshops, our Emaya Circle is a community that inspires, connects, empowers and supports.   We are a group of like-minded individuals that set out to make the world a more loving, peaceful and empowered place together.  Flowing emotions, laughter, lessons-learned, vulnerability, connection and support are the pillars of our circle. We believe that we rise by lifting others and in the power of surrounding yourself with people that believe in you.   Creating and nurturing this circle is one of our greatest honors and joys!